The Korean Wave: A Sourcebook

We are pleased to announce the publication of “The Korean Wave: A Sourcebook” . An Academy of Korean Studies-funded research project, this volume, edited by Stephen Epstein and Yun Mi Hwang, brings together translations of a wide range of Korean-language primary sources on the Korean Wave with connecting commentary. Encompassing industry white papers, government policy reports, magazines and dailies, and personal blogs, this sourcebook illustrates how Korea reported and responded to the surge of interest in its pop culture and products abroad. It is a 400 page-long, affordable paperback, with sections on “Institutional Contexts: Hallyu Overview/ Cultural Content Industry”, “Industrial Operations: Television/ Film/ Music/ Celebrity”; “International Reception: China/ Japan/ Southeast Asia/ The Americas/ Europe/ Central Asia/ The Middle East/Hallyu Tourism”). Please spread the news and order it for yourselves and libraries from the Academy of Korean Studies Press.

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