Internship Recruitment 2018

World Association for Hallyu Studies is looking for new interns at their office in Seoul. Hallyu refers to the Korean Wave, a sudden boom of Korean pop music (or K-pop) and drama, which started roughly from 1996. Since then, Hallyu has captured the attention of the world as a phenomenal cultural icon. Now there exists a wide variety of perspectives, approaches, and mediums of enjoying Hallyu across the globe.

Now the WAHS team is looking for new interns at their office in Seoul! This internship is volunteered, but you will receive a certificate for your work.
Your tasks:
Manage our website with assistance
Design header images
Post articles on our Facebook page
Send emails to our global team

Your qualifications:
Undergraduate/Graduate Student
Interested in working in a team
Basic knowledge of WordPress
Knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator and Office
Interested in writing articles on Hallyu

Work Period:
About 6 hours a week, depending on your schedule
If you are interested in this position, please send us your CV, as well as a Letter of Motivation. We will consider your application and reply to you soon.

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