The World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) is an international organization of Hallyu researchers and practitioners in diverse disciplines.
In light of Hallyu’s emergence as a cultural icon and a key field of study across the globe, WAHS aims to bridge its theory and practice. 

Following its inaugural general meeting in January 2013, WAHS was granted permission to incorporate from the Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism in March. Since 2021. WAHS has formed 36 overseas branches to build a global network across 26 countries, facilitating transnational collaboration and communication through Hallyu.


New Momentum for Hallyu 5.0 


President's Greetings

With its recent strides, Hallyu (the Korean Wave) has been calling the world’s attention not only Korean but the country of Korea itself. Bringing Kim Ku’s pioneering vision to bear upon the fabrics of contemporaneity Korea is indeed claiming the seat of a cultural powerhouse.

Undeterred by the growing intensity of international competition with global platforms that accelerate and pace of content consumption and distribution, Korean culture is demonstrating a sustainable capacity on the merits of digital infrastructure.

Rather than stopping short at merely celebrating or marveling at such feats, we must keep an open channel of communication to further analyze, reflect on, and study Hallyu as a phenomenon.

As such, the World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) will strive to facilitate cultural exchange and collaboration across scholars, researchers, and students of Hallyu towards the aim of its cultivation and enrichment, serving as a vital platform for research and networking. We look forward to your interest in, and support for WAHS’s efforts.

World Association for Hallyu Studies
President Siyeun, Moon