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Undergraduate at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, majoring in Korean Studies with a minor of History of European Arts.

Internship Recruitment 2017

World Association for Hallyu Studies is looking for new interns at their office in Seoul. Hallyu refers to the Korean Wave, a sudden boom of Korean pop music (or K-pop) and drama, which started roughly from 1996. Since then, Hallyu has captured the attention of the world as a phenomenal cultural icon. Now there exists [...]

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Coffee shops in South Korea

When I first visited Korea about a year ago, the difference of coffee shops, compared to those in my home country Germany, was shocking to me. Not only were there usually several coffee shops in one street, but they also seemed more modern than the ones in my home county. In Germany, coffee shops are [...]

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Movie Review – ‘Socialphobia’ (2015) – A concern about Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying has been a recent problem of South Korea’s society.  Since smartphones are an essential part of almost everyone’s daily life, including children, teenagers and even the elderly, many people spend their day connected to the internet, sharing personal information. Like this, cyber-bullying, as well as other social problems occur frequently and are a concern [...]

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History against Convenience: A story about a Stairway

As a foreigner living and studying in South Korea some aspects of history and culture are hard to grasp. As an undergraduate student working on my major in Korean Studies, thus having some knowledge about the past and the ability to understand some Korean, I can partially understand some of these aspects. But living in [...]

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